So… Why do we do what we do?

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March 31st, The day of trans visibility is always a good excuse to stop the daily maelstrom and take some time to reflect. Several months ago, in a radio interview with Lalo Mir, he asked me one last question: And why are you doing this? referring to Trans-TI, of course, I answered him with a […]

Lara Bertolini

Judge’s Verdict Favored Her, But She Is Still Denied a New ID with the Gender “Trans Femininity”.

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By Agencia Presentes (Spanish), May 15th In March this year, a historic verdict by Buenos Aires City’s Civil Court 7 favored trans activist Lara Bertolini’s petition to have her gender marker on her ID changed to reflect her self-perceived identity: “trans femininity”. But now the RENAPER (the Argentinian National Registry) has appealed the verdict and […]