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Hello, we are Daniel and Vanesa, founders of Trans-TI and we want to tell you how this idea of ​​creating a service company was born, which also had a social purpose.

Since I started working, I have dedicated myself to information technology, first in other companies and then in my own.

I was a member of the gender area of ​​a political party.

We were looking to carry out a project as a couple, something that we were passionate about but that in turn would benefit our future clients and society in general.

The #NiUnaMenos and #8M movement had brought us closer to the LGBTIQ+ community, a group that has suffered —and still does— true persecution, social condemnation, and stigmatization.

This is how the idea of ​​Trans-TI came about.

A company that alleviates the work overload for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs, turning it into jobs for the trans community, one of the great marginalized in our society.

Our mission is to reduce the unemployment gap of the trans community through their training and professionalization in digital services.

TransTI gives new air to all of us who understand that collaborating with inclusion processes is the first step towards a less stuffy, sincere, creative and loving society; more ours.

It inspires us to think about what we do every day because we are committed to our children growing up more free than us.


As you know, this group has always been the most displaced, discriminated against and stigmatized of the entire LGTBIQ+ group and, from a social and labor point of view, was relegated exclusively to sex work or misery.

To be Trans in Argentina is to be invisible to official statistics. Despite this, until 2019, 90% did not have access to a formal job, 79% lived from prostitution, 60% dropped out for reasons of violence or discrimination and more than 80% did not have social work or prepaid medicine, among other data.

However, 90% are eager to enter the workforce, 80% are willing to learn new tools and 24% have completed secondary school.

So we saw the opportunity to create a company that would allow them to train to get a formal job, remotely, helping other companies with their workload.

As we say in TransTI…

We relieve the workload of those who need it most while providing formal work for the trans community.

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Our Offices

México 1173, Of 4
Buenos Aires, CABA (1066)
+54 (11) 5612-8014
600 Cleveland st
Clearwater, Florida (33755)
United States
+1 (727) 230-7872

We alleviate the workload of those who need it most while providing formal work for the trans community.

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