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It has never been easier to delegate the tasks that take up your time in your business.

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With our Digital Temporary Work service, you can delegate all the tasks that you don’t like, or that take up your time, to focus on what really matters: YOUR BUSINESS.

We put together the service completely tailored to your needs according to the tasks you want to delegate to us and the processes of your company.

The best thing is that you pay depending on the workload you have.

Do you have periods of high demand? we are there to accompany you.

Are there months you don’t need us? No problem, those months you pay nothing.

Add more FREEDOM to your business, WITHOUT ADDING COSTS

Forget about...

Focus in...


our services

Customer search

Delegate to us the prospecting and contact of potential clients.

Video subtitling

In several languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Short or long duration videos.

360º customer service

Monitoring of all communication channels, responses to queries and comments on social networks and much more.

Task coordination

Coordinate the work of different suppliers, follow up on pending tasks, coordinate deliveries or parcel shipments.

Searches and investigation

Everything you need to find out. Investigations for: writers or journalists, fact checking and much more.

Executive Assistant

All kinds of administrative tasks, agenda management, we also coordinate and execute managerial tasks.


The process is very simple


Contact us

One of our representatives will contact you and arrange a meeting.


We create a tailor-made solution

According to the number and type of digital tasks we create a tailor made solution.


We start working

And you start investing in optimizing your business.

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Some of the most common questions from our users

Our service is about do things manually, where a person can make simple decisions with complex variable, but if we find parts of the process that can be automated we use the available tools to do so.

Send us a contact form telling us about your business so that we can evaluate how we can help you.

The budget is tailored to each client according to their needs.

Are you ready to DELEGATE?

It has never been easier to delegate the tasks that take up your time.


We alleviate the workload of those who need it most while providing formal work for the trans community.

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