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Trans-TI is a social impact company that provides digital services; our quest is to reduce the unemployment gap in the trans community. We offer the highest quality in our monitoring services, backoffice and volume of digital work performed by people.

Our services

Trans-TI provides a wide range of digital services. Our staff is highly trained to solve many of the client’s needs.

NOC – Network Operation Center

Our NOC uses state-of-the-art technology to keep an eye on our clients' services, databases, software, firewall, and network. All of our bilingual operators (Spanish / English) are in constant training in new technologies and innovative procedures. Additionally, we have the technological support of our business partners https://flugel.it - ​​experts in devops and cloud infrastructure.

Digital Tasks

We can provide large numbers of people to solve large volumes of work on demand. Whether it's leads generation, auditing recorded phone calls, video subtitling, data organization (spreadsheets, database normalization), machine learning, etc. If it is a large quantity and manual we can do it, on demand or continuous.

Sasha – virtual personal assistant

Sasha is a virtual personal assistant service (administrative / assistant-accounting). It has three target audiences: people who want or need someone extra for their day-to-day tasks, freelancers or companies that require receptionists / clerks to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

Diverse talent

Gender counseling. We have alliances with all types of collaborators, organizations and companies that can help to raise awareness about internal gender issues.

Diverse Outsourcing. For short-term or intermittent positions we provide the outsourcing service.

Recruitment. We have an extensive database of CVs of people from the TT collective. Our service is to match the profile with the needs of the companies


Think and implement sustainable business models over time, to incorporate those who have few job opportunities. Make a sensible change in the Trans community adding formal and stable work.

Our Clients

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We are a company with a social impact. We hire people from the TTT collective in Argentina, after undergoing rigorous paid training we add them to the work team, offering them a formal, permanent job in a comfortable office space.

To send CVs please use this other form (https://trans-ti.com/trabaja-con-nosotros/)

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