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Welcome to Trans-TI

Our mission is to ease the workload on SMEs, professionals and entrepreneurs.

How do we do it? solving all those odious tasks that take up your time and do not add value to your business.

Do you want someone to take charge of uploading invoices, claiming payments or making phone calls?

We are there for you!

Bienvenidos a Trans - TI
Data Entry

Our Services

We provide a wide range of digital services to ease the workload for SMEs, professionals and entrepreneurs.


MQA - Multilingual Quality Assurance

Streamline your global content strategy with our Multilingual Quality Assurance hub.


API - Auditing of Phone Calls

Control the quality of the attention of the operators in telephone calls. From and to the company.


AVA - Acquisition and Validation

Hire a solution to obtain public data manually and repetitively.
Reliable data for any project.


SAL - Staffing LATAM

Find talent and diversity for your company within the Trans community. Internal modality or outsourcing.


TED - Digital Temporary Work

Stop investing time in those repetitive or tedious tasks, and focus on what really matters: your business.

Any work that can be done through a computer, you can outsource it to Trans - TI

Daniel Coletti – Founder Trans-Ti

Our Clients

Work with us

You have 2 options to be part of the Trans-TI world.


We alleviate the workload of those who need it most while providing formal work for the trans community.

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