Training in the first steps in the world of work

On Monday the 12th, in addition to meeting to celebrate the opening of our new office, we meet to train ourselves and provide new and better tools for our team. For this reason, Gabriela Andreacchio joined and gave a talk on how to put together a CV, what to take into account and how to prepare, how to ask for remuneration, tones, photo yes or no, tips and ideas on putting together the first document we send when facing a job interview.

Gaby has a degree in Marketing, and a Diploma in Open Innovation, with 24 years of management experience in the IT market with her we were able to take into account what to improve, what is necessary to say, and what is not necessary and together we discuss about what the panorama of labor recruitment in the IT sector is like for the transvestite/trans community.

It will be the first of many very enriching meetings. If you want to join our database to be able to work, receive news or participate in our activities, do not hesitate to leave us your information at this link:

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Sara Quintana
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