We have a new office!

Inaugurating our new work and meeting space on Monday, December 12 marked a new stage in TransTI’s history.

We hope the new office in the San Telmo neighborhood will enable us to take on new challenges with allied companies.

We are very happy to have taken another step, a very big one, within the growth of our company and we want it to be a space to face the challenges that come with the new year.

Having the opportunity to meet and connect after this pandemic period that we have gone through was the icing on the cake. As we ate, drank and toasted to this meeting and to what lies ahead, we celebrated the start of a new chapter.

With this new space, we hope to continue growing as a company and expanding our horizons to make a positive impact on our community. We are grateful to everyone who was present to make this moment memorable!


Sara Quintana
Sara Quintana
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