Our 2022 Balance reflects a year of success and achievement!

During the year 2022, seven new clients trusted us, which allowed us to expand our portfolio of offers and services. The number of resumes we have in our database has grown significantly as well. We now have more than 300. We hired 14 new employees, which represents an increase of 58% compared to 2021. In […]

Training in the first steps in the world of work

On Monday the 12th, in addition to meeting to celebrate the opening of our new office, we meet to train ourselves and provide new and better tools for our team. For this reason, Gabriela Andreacchio joined and gave a talk on how to put together a CV, what to take into account and how to […]

We have a new office!

Inaugurating our new work and meeting space on Monday, December 12 marked a new stage in TransTI’s history. We hope the new office in the San Telmo neighborhood will enable us to take on new challenges with allied companies. We are very happy to have taken another step, a very big one, within the growth […]

Depathologization of trans non-binary transvestite identities

International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization has been held annually in different parts of the world since 2009. This date was promoted by the international activist campaign “Stop Trans Pathologization” in order to raise awareness and make visible the consequences of the pathologization of these identities. At the same time, it seeks the elimination […]