Recruitment Automation Management

Are you a… CEO of a Recruitment Company with clients requiring you to manange many recruiters, with dozens of live searches at once?

Recruiter needing to connect with 1000’s of potential hires a month?


Automating your LinkedIn recruitment workflow can help save you hours a week, boosting productivity and recruiter happiness. We help you hit the ground running, no need to search for youtube tutorials or read old blog posts on how to administer complex apps. We’re the automation specialists, so you can focus on being the recruitment specialists!



Trans-TI services top companies in the Americas with world class BPO. We leverage Buenos Aires’s position as a technical outsourcing leader in the Americas to provide world class training for services. Our social impact mission means we’re here for the long haul, always investing in our community and growing our skills. Building long term relationships with partners from all over the world is part of meeting that mission. We’re happy to introduce our semi-automated service for professional networking!

Once you’ve created a list on Sales Navigator or Recruiter, our Recruitment Automation Managers will take charge of your profile one day a week, or two, or five- all depending on your goals. So what’s your job in all this? Responding to your new connections! Forget the nitty gritty, the apps, tools and methodologies- simply focus on why you joined your field to begin with- connecting with passionate, like minded people! 

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Somos una empresa de impacto social. Contratamos personas del colectivo TTT en Argentina, luego de hacer un entrenamiento pago riguroso las sumamos al equipo de trabajo, ofreciéndoles un trabajo formal, fijo y en espacio cómodo de oficina.

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