Our story

Love has a remarkable impact. It redefines identities, projects and goals. In our case it was expressed in children, home, trips and community activities.  And that everything is better if we leave our comfort zone. When we left our comfort zone we immediately knew that we needed to be involved, which led us to create TransTI.

We use the privileges we have to be able to give meaningful work to a stigmatized group in the business community. The advantages are two-fold: for them but also for us and for those who join our efforts. Together we can develop a purpose and learn daily from each other.

TransTI assists those who get a job and by extension the community at large. It gives a breath of fresh air to all of us who understand that collaborating with the processes of inclusion is the first step towards a society that is more sincere, creative, inclusive and loving. We are inspired to think that what we do every day will help our children to grow up in a better and more inclusive world.

– As a young woman, fighting for women’s rights was my number one issue. I saw how much my work and the work of thousands of others helped improve the lives of women in Argentina. The “Gender Identity Law” allowed the acquisition of new rights for the trans community. Finding a common goal as a couple and putting it into action in the form of a dynamic enterprise was a turning point. Both Dani and I come from the private sector but I was always interested in the intersection of the public and private sectors.

– Since I started working in 1993, I have been involved in IT, first in other people’s companies and then in my own. Since I was a student my main interest was open-source software. At the same time, I was active in several open-source software organizations such as CafeLUG (the free software users group of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) or CADESOL (Argentine Chamber of Free Software Companies), of which I was president for several years. My favorite moments were when we were in a meeting and exchanged tricks, techniques, portions of code and problem solving.

As you can tell, our concern for the world around us was already shaping our activities when #NiUnaMenos was started in 2015. Our direct involvement in the women’s movement led us to realize that the lessons we learned from the women’s movement could be used in the fight for LGBTIQ+ rights. That has brought us closer to the LGBTIQ+ community, a group that has suffered – and still does – real persecution, social condemnation and stigmatization.

Why the Trans community?

Although each of us had our own work, we decided to partner in a venture that was both sustainable and socially impactful. After researching and consulting with specialists and, above all, with members of different LGBTIQ+ communities, we came to the conclusion that the most vulnerable of all was the Transgender community.

This group has always been the most displaced, discriminated and stigmatized of all LGBTIQ+ groups and, from the social and labor point of view, they have been relegated to underpaid and often very dangerous work.

To be Trans in Argentina is to be invisible to official statistics, despite which, until 2019, 90% did not have access to a formal job, 79% live from prostitution, 24% have completed high school, 60% dropped out of school for reasons of violence and discrimination and more than 80% do not have social security or low-cost medical care, among other data.

We could not remain on the sidelines of attempting to find a solution or, at least, to help. Thus, we decided to create Trans-TI, an ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) a company that helps the trans community to get training and formal employment. Restoring rights and getting jobs are the pillars of Trans-TI’s social impact activity. Not only do we provide training, but we also generate employment for them in the company. And we provide services to you.

Trans-TI is a company that, at the same time that it wants to be profitable, intends to cause a transcendent social impact, helping a group that, habitually, has been discriminated and stigmatized, reintegrating them to the society from which they should never have been removed. 

In short, Trans-TI is a company with a purpose. 


Contact Us

We are a company with a social impact. We hire people from the TTT collective in Argentina, after undergoing rigorous paid training we add them to the work team, offering them a formal, permanent job in a comfortable office space.

To send CVs please use this other form (https://trans-ti.com/trabaja-con-nosotros/)

Adress: México 1173 (CABA, Argentina)

Email: info@trans-ti.com