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What we do

We are an impact sourcing company. We create jobs for diverse people.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA - we're an IBM partner)
  • QA and Software Testing (manual and automation software testing)
  • Virtual Assistants (English spoken)
  • Talent Recruiting (in the local transgender community)
  • The Trans community is clamoring for formal jobs, we give that to them.
    That simple.

    Our story

    Why the transgender community?

    • The life expectation of the trans community members in Argentina is around 35 years old
    • Only 9% of argentinien transgender have a formal job
    • 70% never reached to the first job interview after expressing his/her gender
    • 4% of trans receive some kind of help from the government
    • 30% of the resumes we have are fluent in English