Our operators are connected with shift rotation 24 / 7, the whole year.

The NOC operators are chosen not only for their technical expertise but also for their level of English.

In many occasions a large percentage of the calls are for relatively repetitive causes. Our operators have sufficient technical background to be able to make an initial analysis of the problem and suggest solutions to common problems (prior training by the customer). This way, we can significantly reduce the number of calls and contacts from the client’s users.

We have within the company enough qualified human resources to develop tests to determine the health of any system. When necessary, API endpoint tests, smoke tests, infrastructure tests, etc. are developed and added to the constant monitoring of our NOC to alert when any of them fails.

Each alarm that is triggered creates an automatic ticket that is followed by the NOC operators. This ticket will go through different paths and people until it completes its cycle, beyond the status of the ticket, the operators will follow it until they verify that it is closed.

All alarms that are triggered have a different associated procedure (run books) depending on the alarm, but they all follow the same service level agreement (SLA) and also have a pre-defined escalation level.