Our Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As an IBM partner we deliver RPA consultancy hours to change manual digital process to automated software robots. IBM’s RPA suite of products combines AI with mature automation software to accomplish a wide set of solutions and possibilities.

QA and Software Testing

Leave in the hands of our experts the quality control of your software while not losing focus on development. Outsource your Testing area to us and maximize the benefits of lower cost and maintenance. We do functional and automated software testing.

Sasha – Virtual Assistants

Sasha is a virtual personal assistant service (administrative/auxiliary/accountant). It has three target audiences: people who want or need someone extra for their day-to-day tasks, independent professionals or companies that require receptionists/administrators to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

Transgender facts in Argentina (percentages)

Trans People with NO formal job (%)
Trans Women that never had a job interview (%)
Trans People that receive help from the gov. (%)
Trans People that live in a place not their own (%)