Our Services

Outbound Marketing

We design and launch small targeted e-mail campaigns and do all the necessary followups, when a commercial lead is discovered we deliver it to our customer to continue the sales process.

Database normalization

Software systems evolve in time and it’s very difficult to design them perfectly from the beginning. The problem with software evolution is what to do with the data that was introduced first. Well, we can help by going through that data and normalize it, reducing redundancy.


Microtasks are little digital jobs that can be easily done by a person, but not as easy (or cheap) to automate by software. Comment moderation, massive website (images/texts) updates, machine learning, any kind of transcription to CRM, ERP, among many other examples can be done easily and fast by our teams.

Link building

One of the many tactics Digital Marketing companies use to better up the SEO optimization is having a good strategy on link building. It has to be natural, we do that. We look constantly for websites with good Page Autorithy and Domain Autorithy to create good backlinks.

Bot training

Every AI algorithm needs training: Chat bots, discord bots, customed bots, etc.. We can provide the amount of people you need to do the (boring) job of bot training.


Our transcription system let us do the same transcription by one person or several people, this way we increase accuracy drastically.

Transgender facts in Argentina (percentages)

People with NO formal job (%)
Women that never had a job interview (%)
People that receive help from the gov. (%)
People that live in a place not their own (%)